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Prosperus-invest Ltd.

PROSPERUS-INVEST Ltd. is a limited liability company for establishment and management of open private equity investment funds with private placement. It is registered in the Republic of Croatia.

The company manages the fund Prosperus FGS which was founded in 2010. Prosperus FGS has at its disposal capital for investment in the equity of companies in the Republic of Croatia in the amount of 340 million HRK, of which eight private institutional investors invested 170 million HRK, while with the remaining 170 million HRK participated the Government of Republic of Croatia. The Fund was established for a period of 10 years with an annual amount available for investment of about 60 million HRK (subject to increase if the project or venture proves profitable). Restrictions on investment refer to companies that are based in the Republic of Croatia and perform most of the business in Croatia. Investment may be up to 33% of the Fond capital in one company and maximum of 40% in one economic sector.

The management company collects information on sectors and companies that are considered to be acceptable investment opportunities for Prosperus FGS, analyses their business plans and operations, and for the selected projects or businesses, make investment proposal for its investors. Investors, through their representatives in the board of trustees, decide on the investments.

PROSPERUS - INVEST Ltd. has assembled a team of skilled professionals with experience in finance, corporate finance and venture capital. Apart from offering financing to projects and companies with growth potential, Prosperus - Invest Ltd. with its experience, expertise and contacts provides added value to companies in which it invests. By participating in the development of entrepreneurial ventures in Croatia, Prosperus - Invest Ltd. is contributing to the progress of the wider socio-economic congregation and economic development of Croatia.