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Since its founding in 2010, Prosperus has focused on hospitality, manufacturing/infrastructure, and renewable energy businesses while taking a more ‘hands-on management’ approach to manage and drive value within portfolio companies.

Our focus has been on shifting toward monitoring operational aspects more closely. Our investment team works together with our team of external industry and operational management experts to deliver hands-on resources to portfolio company management teams to enhance product development capabilities and catalyze revenue growth.

This strategy and perspective have proven as a key factor in maximizing the value of our portfolio companies.

Our Culture

We strongly believe that firms with a positive culture are more likely to be strategically innovative. 

Our Culture
01. Our Culture


Sharing what is relevant, however difficult or embarrassing, is one of our fundamental principles. It is the only transparent way to clear and understandable decision making.

02. Our Culture

Changing the Status Quo

We embrace diversity in thought and problem-solving and are more willing to try new approaches rather than sticking with old processes simply because “this is how we’ve always done it.”

03. Our Culture

Putting people first

“Renommée” is built from the inside out. We practice empathy and respect each other, and ourselves. We hold each other accountable, and accountability is everyone’s responsibility.

04. Our Culture

Success is always about the team

We foster a culture of collaboration, in which both successes and failures are shared. Our wisdom and judgment are accrued from our ability to grow together, in an environment where each unique perspective is valued. While we have many talented individuals, we believe the group is stronger than any member alone.

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