Favoring complexity and creating significant value by transforming companies alongside management teams

What We Do
Our Sectors
Investment Focus
What We Do
01. What We Do

Target identification

Through extensive network of our partners, operating executives, and service providers we key out high-growth and high-potential acquisition opportunities across industries we focus on.

02. What We Do

Long-term partnerships

Being a reliable partner is one of our main drivers. Our flexible investment approach, strategic insights, and transparency allow us to build enduring relationships with our companies.

03. What We Do

Network as an incentive

We offer our companies total access to our ecosystem of professionals and experts, which we have built over years. Prosperus portfolio companies regularly tap into the network to receive commercial introductions, recruit executive talent, and solicit expert advice.

04. What We Do

In - house support

Our portfolio companies get fully accompanied in their strategic and operational transformation and value the creation process. We are more than happy to get to work and offer our assistance.

Our Sectors

Our Sector Expertise

Our team is passionate about finding and backing established, sector-leading, high-quality businesses with strong management teams that think big.

Financial Technology

  • Hospitality
  • Renewable energy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Business services
  • FMCG
  • IT

Our Investment Focus

“Thinking big” teams

Our primary focus in deal sourcing are exceptional teams. They are pillars of our success stories.


Aligned equity incentives

Growth Stage Companies

Companies that have proven themsleves on the market while still not maximizing their full potential.


On average, at least €5 million run rate revenue

Sector Experts

We engage in areas we are familiar with from years of focused investing.


Renewable energy
Business services

Adjustable Investment Structure

Our deals are tailor-made to go in line with company’s objectives with ultimate goal of getting a perfect blend.


€5 million to €10 million equity tickets; majority ownership stakes

Solid Fundamentals

We believe that this is a starting point in every business, regardless of the industry and its metrics.


Capital efficiency and unit economics

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