Investment Partner

Ivana Hatvalić-Poljak

Ivana joined Prosperus in 2012 and serves as an Investment Partner.

At Prosperus she is responsible for implementing and managing value creation and integration processes of the portfolio companies.

During her time at Prosperus, Ivana also served on several portfolio company Management and Supervisory Boards where she acted as a key figure in the company's restructuring processes and exit strategies. She was also Head of the Middle Office in the period from 2011 to 2013.

Prior to joining Prosperus, she worked in the financial and banking sector. During that time she was Head of Trading at the Šted-Kapital brokerage firm and Head of Investment Banking and Treasury Department at Štedbanka where she gained great experience in providing investment banking and capital markets services.

Throughout her career, she has actively participated in numerous professional conferences and panels in the areas of finance and tourism (e.g. speaker at Adria Hotel Forum in 2017, China – CEEC Tourism Cooperation in 2018, Best Stay in 2021, etc.).

Ivana graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University in Zagreb in 2003 with a major in Accounting.